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              Episode 109 - Happiness Is...
              Aromatherapy Sampler
              Lotions and potions!
              The history of Aromatherapy is rooted in ancient Egypt and Rome. During an elaborate banquet or feast guests would be anointed with essential oils. They would also diffuse them throughout the area where the event was being held.

              There are about 150 to 200 essential oils in production around the world. Generally the oils are distilled from a plant, much like distilling a wine or brandy. Some essential oils are very rare; did you know it takes 40 rose heads to make one single drop of rose oil?

              My friend Nadine Artemis is a co-founder of Osmosis, a shop that specializes in aromatherapy products in Toronto. Here is her basic list of essential oils and what kind of mood they can create:

              Bergamot - From the citrus family, bergamot is also used as flavouring for Earl Grey tea. It's good as an anti-depressant.

              Grapefruit - Also from the citrus family, grapefruit oils are refreshing and uplifting.

              Peppermint - Great to stimulate you while studying or driving. Peppermint also works to calm an upset stomach.

              Ylang Ylang - A tropical floral, these flowers grow in places like Costa Rica and are known for their relaxing qualities, much like Rose Oil.

              Essential oils are very concentrated, so just a few drops in some water placed in a diffuser should be enough for a good-sized room.

              Credit: Nadine Artemis, Osmosis, Toronto, ON (416) 504-7673