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              Episode 107 - Another Year
              Good Fortune Cake Decorating Tips
              A Chinese-themed cake
              In keeping with the Chinese theme for a friend's 30th birthday party, Nik called in baker Wanda Beaver to get some tips on decorating a cake that expresses a universal wish with oriental flare.

              Ingredients and Materials
              • Chinese symbol of good fortune to trace as a paper template
              • red icing
              • pure edible gold powder or flakes (available at cake decorating shops and craft
              • centres)
              • piping bag with small #4 nib and a star nib
              • chocolate ganache
              • finished cake

              • For this birthday event, Savoir Faire started with a chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing and a covering of chocolate ganache (a coating made of melted chocolate and whipping cream which sets quite firmly).
              • Using plain white paper, trace and cut the Chinese symbol for good luck.
              • Place paper template on centre of cake.
              • Gently squeeze red icing from piping bag, tracing the outline of the symbol onto the top of the iced cake. Carefully remove template.
              • Using another piping bag filled with ganache and using a star-shaped nib, squeeze ganache around the base of the cake and then on the top of the cake around its outer rim in a slightly back and forth motion to create a dragon tail effect.
              • Sprinkle top with gold.
              • Pipe small red dots along the ganache ridge on the top of the cake.
              • Sing Happy Birthday!