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              Episode 6082: Entertaining 101
              How Nice!

              They often say it's the little touches that count the most at any party. We've got a few tips on the type of munchies that you might want to serve at your next wing ding. We've also got you covered on making the bathroom guest friendly, and have come up with a system to avoid the dreaded coat-confusion at the end of the evening.

              A large or small party wouldn’t be just right without some magnificent munchies. As an alternative to typical potato chips, fill bowls with Japanese mix, dried peas coated with wasabi, assorted nuts and root vegetable chips.

              Guests always love attention to detail, and another consideration for your party is prepping the bathroom. Try pairing Irish linen hand towels with beautifully scented French-milled soap. Better yet, try using soap wafers, available in specialty shops. Add a tiny flower arrangement, hand lotion, a fragrant scented candle or a bowl of pot-pourri. These touches show your guests to have gone the extra distance to make everything just right.

              A final trick to think about is how to deal with guests’ coats. Start by clearing out your closet completely. Then, create small tags for hangers. As guests hand you their coat, write their name on the tag and place in the closet. No more "coat mountain" to sift through at the end of the evening.

              A little planning goes a long way in giving your guests an unforgettable evening!