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              Episode 6082: Entertaining 101
              Cool Cutlery
              Serving staples

              We've all got a pretty good idea of how to set every day cutlery at a table. My friend Steve McRae threw a few fastballs my way, with his treasure trove of silver cutlery and service pieces that are unique and each a work of art in its own right. This stuff would really amaze your guests!

              Fish forks have an unusual design, with their two prongs and sterling hollow handle. Equally interesting and innovative is the fish knife with its unique, wide and flat blade. It's designed to allow you to gently remove the flesh from the fish and leave the bones behind.

              A nice addition to your service could be out-of-the-ordinary bouillon spoons, which are sized to a typical bouillon cup. Another interesting spoon is one that’s pierced, enabling guests to drain sauces from various foods, like berries or gravy-laden meats, before plating them.

              Other servers include a macaroni and pasta server. Its exquisite detail makes it interesting enough to just admire. There's an asparagus server, with its super wide shape, which enables you to pick up the lengthy stalks.

              A meat-serving fork, wide and sturdy, allows you to pick up meats with ease. Then there’s the seafood oyster fork, perfect for plucking the cherished oyster from its shell.

              Cutlery pieces like this show that you're a real gourmand and that your guests are about to tuck in to a fine meal. Doesn't matter if you don't have them though, because it's always the company that counts most.


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