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              Episode 6079: Pool Party
              Seafood Barbecue
              Sea the taste!
              Grilled seafood is a great idea for a pool party menu. It's healthy, easy to cook and there's a wide variety to suit any palate. Just remember to buy the freshest fish possible, it's worth the extra expense. My friend, David Jung of Pisces Seafood, in Toronto, gives us a lesson on the characteristics, tastes and cooking times for some of the more popular seafood options.

              Salmon Steaks
              Salmon is such a tasty fish that it really doesn’t need a lot seasoning to enjoy. With no prep work at all, salmon steaks can be tossed right on the grill. Be sure to grill each side, giving them a little nudge here and there, so that when you take them off they won’t stick. When done to your liking, you can ooze some wasabi butter on top, which will complete the steaks nicely.

              There’s nothing quite like the taste and texture of grilled calamari. Season some olive oil with minced garlic, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and lemon. Square the entire piece of calamari into rings, making sure you don’t cut all the way through. Grill on each side, dabbing with more seasoned olive oil to keep it moist. Watch it flower up beautifully, which is great for presentation. The pieces should be easy to pull apart when you’re ready to eat.

              Pre-tenderize octopus by parboiling it in balsamic vinegar and water for an hour. The idea is to get it nicely charred. By crisping it up you’ll bring out a terrific, smoky taste.

              Tiger Shrimp
              De-vein each shrimp, cutting down the back so that the shells stay on, preventing them from drying out on the grill. Soak in a hoisin marinade. Then, place the shrimp into brochettes, which will enable you to flip them over on the grill all at once, rather than individually. Once fully cooked, the shells slip off easily, and the shrimp will go down nicely!

              Catfish is known to be a very juicy fish, so you can brown it nicely and it will stay succulent. Great with a tangy, spicy sauce, it is perfect for the person who has a taste for hot food. Place in a tandoori marinade with a bit of yogurt and some hot, fresh green chilis. Grill, serve, and enjoy.

              Wasabi Butter
              Wasabi butter can be made easily by mixing three tablespoons of wasabi paste with a stick of melted butter and a squeeze of lemon.






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