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              Episode 6079: Pool Party
              Floating Centrepieces
              Magic on the water
              I was one of those kids lucky enough to grow up with a pool in the backyard and have so many fond memories the parties my mother would host. Once, she purchased little lotus candles to float in the pool, which looked nice for about 10 seconds before they all got sucked into the filter. In considering that, I thought we could create something perfect for your pool party. They're my own version of floating centrepieces.

              • 6 x 12 inch clear, lightweight plastic saucers
              • 3 x 6 inch clear, lightweight plastic saucers
              • F floral oasis
              • Glue gun or water resistant floral stick
              • Heavy gage fishing line
              • 6 x 4 inch square bricks, tied up with several layers of thick, clear plastic
              • 2 dozen bubble votive candle holders with candles
              • Calyx leaves
              • Camellia leaves
              • 6 branches of Cymbidium orchids
              • 6 branches of other-coloured orchids
              • 4 bunches of bear grass
              • 50 assorted seashells
              • Tiny starfish
              • Tiny sea urchins
              • 24 varying sizes of faux pearls
              • 24 large scallop shells
              Soak floral oasis in water, then place on plastic saucer. Stick Calyx leaves into oasis in order to create a kind of lily pad in the middle of the saucer. Add Cymbidium orchids, placing them into the oasis, and letting them droop. Place down some tiny starfish, a sea urchin, and a few pearls. Try to envision the floor of the sea, where an abundance of interesting greens grow, then take some beargrass and add it to the arrangement to give it a nice texture.

              If your party will be taking place at night, create a nice effect by nestling about three votive candles into each arrangement, balancing them carefully. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to make your centrepieces too heavy or they will end up at the bottom of the pool.

              To ensure that your beautiful creations don’t stray too far, attach some fishing line to the bottom of each saucer with a dab of hot glue. Then, cover each brick with plastic, to protect the lining of the pool, then attach them to the other end of the fishing line.

              When you place your arrangements into the pool, the flowers will really show off as the stars shine above, and you will be setting sail on yet another great entertainment idea!