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              Episode 6079: Pool Party
              Summer Drinks
              Refreshing Flavour!
              If you’re hosting a pool party, you're going to need drinks. A good way to make sure that everyone gets what they like is to make the bar self-serve. Here are four great drinks recipes for your next backyard party - two alcoholic and two non-alcoholic. For safety's sake, use plastic glassware.

              Juice Plus

              There is nothing like a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day by the pool. Nowadays, any fruit or vegetable can be juiced, and the trip to pick up your favourite fruits and vegetables can result in fabulous fruit and vegetable juice combinations, like this one:

              • 3 scoops of ice
              • Fresh squeezed cucumber juice
              • Celery juice
              • Fresh-squeezed orange juice
              • Blood orange juice or tangerine juice
              Scoop ice into cocktail glasses so that they are about a quarter full. Add generous, even amounts of juices into a tumbler. Stir, pour, and enjoy!

              Melon Madness

              Try this tangy, mouth-watering melon concoction. It's colourful and attractive with a bit of a bite to it. A guaranteed favourite for the kids.


              • Watermelon
              • Honeydew
              • Cantaloupe
              • Fresh-squeezed watermelon juice
              • Pineapple juice
              Using a melon baller, scoop watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe into melon balls. Using a pair of tongs, add to mixing jug. Mix in a generous portion of watermelon juice and a splash of pineapple juice. Time to stir, and serve it up!


              Sake can be enjoyed both hot and cold, but on a sweltering summer day something cool will definitely be in order. Here’s a sake recipe with a whole lot of punch; guaranteed to satisfy!

              • Ice
              • Sake
              • Cucumber Juice
              • Fresh-squeezed lime juice
              • Fresh ginger
              • Lemon wedge
              • Lime wedge
              Add generous portions of ice and sake to blender, then smaller amounts of cucumber and lime juice. Cut off a nice chunk of ginger, add to blender, and whip it all together until nice and frothy. Pour into glasses, garnishing with wedges of lemon and lime. Don’t forget the straw!

              Long Island Iced Tea

              When you see the layered look of this recipe, you’ll probably agree that we saved the best for last. The perfect summer cocktail, this iced tea will cause quite a stir.

              • Ice cubes
              • Grenadine
              • ¼ oz vodka
              • ¼ oz gin
              • ¼ oz white rum
              • ¼ oz orange liqueur
              • fresh-squeezed lemon juice
              • Cola
              • Slice of lemon

              Pour a small amount of grenadine into the bottom of a tumbler. Add a liberal amount of ice cubes then slowly add the various liqueurs, creating a layered effect. Squeeze in some lemon juice and filling the glass to the top with cola. Garish with a slice of lemon and a straw. Give it a stir and then savour every sip.

              *For an equally enjoyable non-alcoholic version, simply leave out the liquor.